Workshops & Exhibition Displays


In the fortnight leading up to the Meet they Buyer Day at Rochdale Town Hall, STAR will be hosting four theme-specific workshops / engagement events. The topics will be:

1. Home/School (SEN) Transport
2. Civil Engineering
3. Print Management
4. Voluntary/Community/Social Enterprise

More information on these will follow shortly, including details on venue and how to book a free place on one or more of the workshops

On the day of the Meet the Buyer, at Rochdale Town Hall, STAR will be hosting the below workshops 

Workshop 1 – Tendering with STAR Councils
Morning:     10am
Afternoon:  1:30pm

Workshop contents:
– Tendering  via The Chest
– How to respond to Quality questions
– How to respond to Social Value questions
– Doing business with STAR Councils

Workshop 2 – Consortium Bidding and Supply Chain
Morning:     11am
Afternoon:  2:30pm

Workshop contents:
– What is Consortium bidding?
– Why set up a Consortium, and what are the benefits?
– Supply chain engagement
– Issues and challenges
– Key things to consider   

Please note that workshops are open to all suppliers attending the Meet the Buyer Day and there will be no requirement to book in advance